June 6th, 2009

Casual Fridays become a casualty of the recession

by Jacqueline Whitmore

In the face of a sluggish economy and almost daily workforce downsizings, some employees are paying more attention to their wardrobe — convinced they can’t look disheveled or too laid back.

From power dressing for after-work networking to looking their best for a boss they might see in the elevator, some employees are picking their outfits as if their jobs depend on it. In some offices, casual Friday has become a casualty of the recession.

Research suggests dressing well can make a difference. A 2008 CareerBuilder.com survey found 41 percent of employers said people who dress professionally tend to be promoted more often than others in the organization. The bottom line is to practice “next-level” dressing. In other words, dress for the job you someday want.

While relaxed dress codes might be nice, casual Fridays often go too far — as in this very funny episode of NBC’s comedy “The Office,” where Meredith, played by Kate Flannery, wears a dress that’s much too short. (To enjoy, click below and don’t forget to turn up the volume on your computer!)

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