August 13th, 2009

Mind Your Twitter Manners

by Jacqueline Whitmore

Tweet. Twitter is taking over and millions of people just like me are updating others on their daily activities or following people to gather new information. Celebrities, coaches, organizations and professionals are all joining to get their messages across. In fact, Twitter attracted 44.5 million unique visitors in June according to However, with this trend comes some dos and don’ts in order to ensure that everyone is using Twitter appropriately and effectively. Below are five tips that are tweet-worthy:

1. Don’t spam. If people are following you, they are going to want real content that matches their interests or teaches them something new. If you are sending out numerous tweets that are trying to sell your products, you will quickly lose your following. People have enough spam through e-mail and don’t want this to be another source of excess clutter.

2. Think about the venue. It is inappropriate to tweet during business meetings or while at events such as a funeral, wedding or court proceeding. Also, if you just got out of a movie that was newly released, tweeting about the ending won’t be appreciated!

3. Watch the acronyms and abbreviations.
Even though you are limited to 140 characters per tweet, people may not understand your shorthand and it may not come across as professional. If you can’t say it in 140 characters, try rewording it before making your message too confusing for your followers.

4. Give credit for retweets. If you read a great tweet or loved the information that someone shared, pass it along but give credit where it is due. Like in any situation, people don’t like watching others take credit for their hard work and creativity.

5. It is a courtesy to follow people who are following you.
The exception to this is when you feel that people are spamming or deliberately just sending out advertisements instead of worthwhile information.

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