August 10th, 2009

No Junk for Granny

by Jacqueline Whitmore

By Beth Campbell, Guest Blogger and Antique, Collectables and Personal Property Appraiser

Granny doesn’t really love pigs, swans, the letter Q, beer mats, or potholders. She only made a fuss once to be polite, and then found herself swamped with crap (yes, I said CRAP).  Whew! All those pigs, swans, letters Q, beer mats and potholders end up in the garage sale or donated to the local women’s shelter or Sally Ann and then end up in the landfill.  Please find Granny something that is clutterless that she will enjoy. Gift certificates, an afternoon of tea with family and friends, homemade jam, or hand-made photo albums from children. Okay these might be clutter, but they’re from the heart!

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