June 30th, 2009

President Interrupted by "Duck" Ringtone During Speech

by Jacqueline Whitmore

We’ve all been sitting in a movie, waiting in a line, or sleeping in school, only to be annoyed by a dumb ringtone. For some reason, random people across all generations think that everyone else wants to hear a
Boom Boom Pow or animal sound ringer. Well, we don’t. Cellphone etiquette is necessary now more than ever and I hope to spread the word during National Cellphone Courtesy Month in July. Won’t you please help me with this critical crusade?

Watch the video above and then remember to switch your ringer to a normal tone, or better yet, silent mode. Listen, everyone occasionally forgets to switch to silent or vibrate, but for the love of BlackBerry, at least have a ringer that won’t embarrass you if it went off at a Presidential news conference.

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