October 5th, 2009

Why you should never invite your ex to your wedding

by Jacqueline Whitmore

Like most women, I usually cry at weddings.  I love the music, the romance, the thought of two lives becoming one.  But never in my 44 years have I seen a man cry at a wedding (fathers and grooms excluded)…until this past weekend.  On Saturday, my hubby and I attended my childhood best friend’s wedding.  While we watched the bride and groom take their vows, a man (I’ll call him Joe) suddenly appeared out of nowhere and took a seat beside the bride’s mother.  No, Joe was not a brother or a cousin.  He was my friend’s EX BOYFRIEND.  Right there in front of us, sitting in the FRONT ROW Joe started balling his eyes out and crying like a little baby! Upon first glance, we thought that Joe was just a sentimental guy shedding tears of joy.  However, we later found out that he was seriously distraught about my friend getting married.

After the ceremony, I approached Joe in the parking lot and introduced myself.  He reeked of alcohol.  Come to find out, Joe came to the wedding completely inebriated!  He obviously began to drown his sorrows hours before the ceremony.  As he was drying his eyes he admitted that although he and my friend dated only two years he was still in love with her and that he was sorry that he let her go!

The drama didn’t end there.  At the reception, Joe continued to order glass after glass of wine.  After all, there was no charge for beer or wine so he took advantage of the free liquor.  His depression deepened and he ended up making a complete fool of himself in front of the bride, groom and everyone else in attendance.  A sheer embarrassment!

There ought to be an etiquette rule that states that you should never invite an ex-wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or ex-anything-else to your wedding, regardless of how much they tell you that they’re over you.  Therefore, I’m now officially declaring this a new rule.

Have you ever invited an ex to your wedding only to be sorry that you did?  If so, I’d love to hear from you.

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