November 22nd, 2011

Be Kind To Waiters –They’re People Too!

by Jacqueline Whitmore

Love what this waiter has to say as he shares the ups and downs of working at a restaurant!

Whenever you go out to eat, don’t forget to say, “please,” “thank you,” and acknowledge your server by name whenever possible. In other words, treat your server the way you’d want to be treated!

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One Response to “Be Kind To Waiters –They’re People Too!”

  1. Ken Altenbach on November 22nd, 2011 11:01 pm

    Great video Jacqueline,

    There is another thing that was not mentioned by the waiter in this video. Everyone loves recognition for a job well done, including waiters. Yes, a better than 15% tip for great service goes a long way and it shows the waiter/waitress that you appreciated their service, but how often do you express your appreciation up the chain of command? I am one of those rare people who thank managers’ personally because their personnel gave me great service. When I receive good service, I always ask the person who waited on me to go get their manager so I could speak to them. Of course they are wondering as they are getting them, what did I do wrong and I’m in trouble now. And as they both are returning to my table, I can see it on the manager’s face, oh man what am I going to have to defend now. And then I tell them about the great service I rec’d and that I wanted to thank them as the manager because it’s a reflection of their leadership and skills that their staff is so impressive. I can’t tell you how many times I see shear relief in their faces and have them say, I never hear anything good, it’s always about complaints. The great thing about doing this is that I just created an even better service for the next person to sit at my table and more often than not, I see the manager pull their whole staff together to let them know that they were just given a great report by a customer.

    So yes, please tip your waiters/waitresses more than what is required if you receive great service, but also let them know and their superior know as well. Thanks once again for the video Jacqueline. Happy Thanksgiving.

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