November 18th, 2014

The Five Most Annoying People on Facebook

by Jacqueline Whitmore

Did you know that November 17 was National Unfriend Day? Several years ago, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel designated this day for parring down your list of friends on Facebook.

We all know someone who makes us want to unfriend them or quit Facebook altogether when they show up in our news feed. Facebook was designed to be an effective tool to stay in touch with family and friends. But instead, the following personality types seem to use it as a platform to brag, rant or overshare.

Here are the five most annoying people on Facebook:

1. The Ranter: The person who likes to rant about trivial things. He hates this and can’t stand that. He constantly complains and nothing you can say or do will make him happy.

2. The Braggart: The person who wants you to know how smart or good looking she is or how smart her kids or pets are. Braggarts are addicted to posting selfies and share endless pictures of their children or pets.

3. The Debbie Downer: The person who has nothing positive to say. He wants everyone to know how bad his life is.

4. The Politician: The person who talks about nothing but politics and what’s wrong with his city, county or country. He loves to inflame others’ opinions and post long responses to comments.

5. The Stalker: The person who uses Facebook as a way to check up on people but NEVER contributes by posting or “liking” what you or others have to say.

To avoid your Facebook posts from becoming annoying or inappropriate, use discretion. Your Facebook wall allows others to know what you’re doing, thinking or feeling. Exercise some restraint before you post. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable with your local newspaper printing your status update as tomorrow’s headline, don’t put it on Facebook.

Make sure the photos you post are appropriate. Unless you customize your privacy settings, anyone (including your employer) can see what you pictures you post. Don’t compromise yourself or your reputation by sharing photos with scantily clad men or women, obscene gestures or other questionable activities.

Are you planning to clean up your list of friends this week? Comment below and tell me how many people you decide to let go.

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