October 26th, 2010

Halloween Etiquette

by Jacqueline Whitmore

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but just like any other holiday, it comes with some very important etiquette dos and don’ts.  Here are few of them.

If I’m invited to a Halloween party, what should I bring?
If you’re going to a potluck dinner, ask the hostess what she/he would like for you to bring.  Otherwise, plan to bring a small hostess gift like a bottle of wine or a fall decoration.

How long is it okay for my child to knock or ring the doorbell?

Your child should knock or ring the doorbell no more than once.  Most people are generally quick to respond on Halloween.  If no one answers within a couple of minutes, move on to the next house.

If I don’t want any trick-or-treaters to come to my house, what do I do?
A well-lit house is like a welcome mat to trick-or-treaters.  If you don’t wish to have any visitors, turn your lights off.  And if you do want visitors, you might want to turn your lights off by 9:00pm to discourage any late-night ghosts and goblins.

Is it okay to give out cookies or popcorn instead of candy?
Although you may have good intentions, most parents are concerned about safety these days and won’t allow their children to eat anything that isn’t in a sealed package.  Therefore, your goodies are probably going to end up in the trash.

What are some other tips to remember?
Don’t forget your Halloween manners.  Teach your children to be grateful instead of greedy.  Two or three pieces of candy from each house is sufficient.  And when your children receive the candy, teach them to say the magic words, “Thank you!”

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One Response to “Halloween Etiquette”

  1. Nan on January 22nd, 2011 3:12 am

    If you don’t usually get a lot of trick-or-treaters, you could give out quarters. That’s what we do. The kids are pleased with 1 or 2 quarters, the parents like the “no candy” thing, we don’t have to shop, and our pants still fit a week later since we weren’t “forced” (heh) to eat the leftovers.

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