November 25th, 2013

Movember and the Art of Facial Hair

by Jacqueline Whitmore

If you’ve seen an inordinate amount of men donning a mustache this month, it’s because of Movember, a unique movement to support programs that combat prostate and testicular cancer. Throughout November, men from all around the world (who refer to themselves as “Mo Bros”) grow a mustache and raise awareness for men’s health.


A well-kept beard or mustache can be an asset to a well-dressed man. Here are some tips to avoid facial (and body) hair faux pas.

Tame your whiskers. Unless you wear flannel and carry an ax to work, you should probably avoid looking like the men of Duck Dynasty. On the other end of the spectrum, five o’clock shadow only works for men in fashion magazines. Neatly groom and trim your facial hair regularly. Shave and trim your beard right after you shower, when the hair is softest, for a close shave.

Get a pair of mustache scissors. These small, sharp, straight scissors are designed specifically for trimming facial hair. Use with a small comb to trim along the top of your lip and to keep your mustache short and tidy.

Visit your local barber. A hot-lather face shave by a master barber is the ultimate experience in masculine pampering. Barbers offer consistent haircuts and close shaves. My hubby loves his barber. It’s a no-nonsense investment.

Tame your body mane. “Manscaping” should extend beyond your face. If you have nose, eyebrow or ear hairs that push their natural boundaries, use clippers to keep them at bay. For work, if you wear open-collared shirts, be sure to trim, shave or wax any chest hair that might show.

If you plan to sport a mustache for Movember, follow the step-by-step instructions on how to trim a mustache by the Art of Manliness.

photo credit: zubrow via photopin cc

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    Movember and the Art of Facial Hair – If you’ve seen an inordinate amount of men donning a mustache this month, it…

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