June 22nd, 2015

Pet Etiquette – Take Your Dog To Work Day

by Jacqueline Whitmore

Cooper and Abigail love to come to work with me each day.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your animals to work with you each day? Well, on Friday, June 26, you can because it is Take Your Dog To Work Day.

In honor of this special occasion, here are a few pet etiquette tips to observe.

Practice makes perfect. Make sure your dog can interact politely and adapt well to unfamiliar surroundings before you take him to the office. After all, he’ll want to put his best paw forward.

Be respectful of others. Don’t be surprised if some of your co-workers are allergic or uncomfortable around dogs. Honor their wishes and refrain from introducing your dog to them.

Don’t allow your dog to wander. Teach your dog to lie down quietly under your desk or at your feet while you work. Keep your dog off the office furniture and don’t allow your dog to jump on people whenever they greet him. An ill-mannered dog can be a nuisance and may not be invited back to the office.

Proceed with caution. Just like people, some dogs are shy and introverted. So don’t assume all dogs want to meet your dog. Allow the other dogs some time to get to know your dog before you let them play together.

Ask permission. Even friendly dogs can get excited and play too rough if not carefully supervised. Use your best judgment before you introduce your dog to a new dog. It’s never hurts to ask, “Is your dog friendly?”

Try not to leave your dog alone for a long period of time. It’s a moot point to take your dog to work if you have to attend meetings all day. Make sure you have plenty of time to spend with him.

Give your dog a break. Dogs get bored and restless if they are inactive for too long. Be sure to pack plenty of toys for him to play with. Also take your dog outside for a couple of walks during the day. The sunshine and fresh air will be good for both of you.

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